Our Business

Our Business


AAT specializes in Communication, Navigation and Surveillance technology, particularly for the Malaysian Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems. The capability ranges from basic CNS/ATM systems to the state-of-the-art technology deployment in the country.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

The MRO capability is vital for the upkeep of the systems under AAT’s purview. AAT is dedicated in complying to CAAM Operational requirements and ensuring a 99.95% System Operational Availability (SOA) by leveraging advanced technology and robust support systems for our customers. Our strong presence in Malaysia underscores our commitment to this goal.

Research & Development (R&D) and Commercialization

By leveraging cutting-edge IR4.0 technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) , Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) , our in house R&D team has enabled the digitalization and expansion of CNS/ATM in Malaysia. This includes the implementation of an intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI), a Computerized Monitoring System (CMS), ADS-B APT, and a comprehensive cybersecurity suite.

Our Capabilities

Maintenance & Integrated Logistics Support

29 years of experience in delivering end-to-end Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) services ranging from requirements gathering, equipment procurement, installation, training and comprehensive maintenance packages and services.

Consultancy & Training

Our team of experts provides professional consultancy services in CNS/ATM and its supporting systems, as well as tailor-made solutions to improve safety, efficiency and capacity. We have also collaborated with the Malaysia Aviation Academy (MAvA) to provide training services that comply with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Standardised Training Package (STP)

Research & Development

By combining our capabilities in CNS/ATM, MRO and product development, we are capable to deliver tailored solutions such as digital transformation, cybersecurity.

Our Experience

The Malaysia Air Traffic Service Modernisation Program (MATSMP)

AAT has been conducting continuous Transfer of Technology (ToT) programs since 1996. The company is the only local company certified by Leonardo SpA, aligning with the Government of Malaysia’s aspiration for technology self-reliance. AAT has developed local capabilities in Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO), System Integration, and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) for CNS/ATM systems in Malaysia and the region.

The collaboration between CAAM, AAT, and Leonardo SpA (technology partner) has successfully achieved a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of 99.95% System Operational Availability (SOA) for the maintenance of Malaysia’s Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Surveillance Systems.

Throughout the ToT programs and maintenance services, AAT has successfully developed 200 competent CNS/ATM engineers, including 40 highly skilled specialists who comply with CAAM operational requirements and ICAO guidelines.

For nearly 30 years, AAT has remained focused on MRO services as its core business in the field of air traffic services.

The Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control Center (KLATCC)

AAT has developed and installed one of the most advanced systems in the region, catering for air traffic control management and  the new Rescue Coordination Centre which oversees the Search and Rescue operations for KL FIR .The new KLATCC is expected to accommodate the industry’s demands for the next 25 years.

AAT ensured that the new KLATCC meets the objectives of the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan 2016-2030, providing an efficient and safe air traffic management system. It is equipped to accommodate an increase of aircraft movement from 72 to 108 hourly, reducing flight delays.

The new KLATCC commenced operation on 1st of September 2021 and has enhanced Malaysia’s competitiveness and connectivity in the aviation industry.

Pioneering Malaysian CNS/ATM digital transformation initiatives on IR4.0

AAT has capitalised its in-house R&D team to develop and commercialise innovative products in the CNS/ATM market. The Advanced Automatic Terminal Information System (AATIS), ADS-B APT , Cyber Security Systems and Aerodrome Simulator System, are some of the products that AAT has successfully delivered and deployed in line with Malaysia’s IR4.0 initiative. 

AAT has also demonstrated its competence and compliance with the Industry Collaboration Program (ICP) standards for its developed applications to Technology Depository Agency (TDA) and Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM).

Our Journey


Malaysian Government started the Malaysian Malaysian Air Traffic Service Modernisation (MATSMP) Program


Airod Alenia Technology (M) Sdn Bhd (AAT) established with 60% local shareholders and 40% Alenia


First maintenance contract from Department of Civil Aviation (DCA)


Labuan/Kota Kinabalu Radar Data Integration


Miri ATC Radar Project Implementation


Advanced Air Traffic Systems (M) Sdn Bhd was born due to M&A activities


MATSMP Improvement Project Implementation

Kuala Terengganu Upgrade Package II (ATC Tower)


Acquired Bumiputera status with 70% local shareholders and 30% SELEX Sistemi Integrati

CNS/ATM Specialist Team established

Signed MoU on NAVAIDS Technology with SELEX Kansas



First project in the SEA region (Nepal DVOR)

Kuantan DVORTAC Project

NAVAIDS Technology acquired from SELEX Kansas


ISO9001 Certification acquired

Myanmar DVOR & ILS Project


Official member of MIGHT

MIP2 Project started


Software Development capability established

SOC2 Data Integration

First Gulf region project (Kuwait)


Awarded the KLIA2 Project (ATC Package)


Signed MoU with UTM for R&D on CNS/ATM Technology


Awarded DVORTAC Butterworth & Gong Kedak Project

Awarded ATCS & LCAT Maintenance Contract


Awarded New KLATCC Project


Awarded KLIA ATCS Maintenance Contract

Executed ICP Under purview of TDA


Awarded MATSMP maintenance services continuation


Awarded JAMCC System Project


Awarded Langkawi VCSS, Radio VHF & VRS Project


Awarded Subang ATCC SPA fallback system

Awarded MATSMP maintenance services continuation

Awarded DVOR 3M Project (Melaka, Mersing, Mulu)


Awarded JAMCC Building Project

Awarded FDPS Enhancement Project


Awarded replacement of Subang & Genting Radar Project

Awarded ATCS & SPA FDPS Recovery Project

Awarded SATCOM Installation Project

Awarded Upgrading of Sarawak Communication System Project


Awarded MATSMP maintenance services continuation

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